Client Spotlight: Sound Space

Todd Hestand

Pamela Hetherington is the Founder of Sound Space. Sound Space has been operating for two years and is Philadelphia's principal studio for percussive, street, and vernacular dance. It offers weekly classes, access to instruction, and rental space.

New from Sound Space

In February, I will be re-opening my studio at 2511 West Girard Avenue at the gateway to Brewerytown. Previously, my studio was located about four blocks north in a retrofitted warehouse space off of Jefferson Street. The re-opening also comes with an expansion. I'm going from 600 square feet to 1200 square feet. I am excited about this move and re-opening because I can now reach and serve a much larger population in North Philadelphia. I am now able to tap into many more collaborations with businesses on the Girard Avenue corridor. Finally, the new space will present under-represented dance forms and cultures on this very visible corner.

Sound Space is the only space in Philadelphia that serves the percussive, street and vernacular dance communities. This is important for a few reasons. Until this space opened, all of these dance forms literally had no place to practice. Almost all of the studios for rent in Philadelphia ban percussive footwear and/or sneakers. This is actually a challenge that I've faced for 20 years, as a professional tap dancer, and I've seen firsthand how a lack of available space limits and contributes to the decline of vibrant dance communities. For the past 4 years, I have directed a free tap dance and performance program called The Philadelphia Community Tap Project.

Help from the Corzo Center

I learned how to talk about my business. As artists, this can be challenging because we wear many hats. I had to put a laser beam on what this studio space would be and practice articulating benefits all of the time! The Intro Course really helped me craft a good, clear value proposition.

Sound Space

Next steps

I want to be sustainable - this is the biggest thing I have ever done. I want to serve a large cross section of people and be a good steward of the community. I want to continue to provide creative and innovative outlets for people in Philadelphia. Dance changes lives and we need positive art and ways to infuse our world with energy and hope.

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