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Anne Cecil

Numbers - You Either Love Them Or You Hate Them: To get ahead of your numbers, you will need to understand the basics of a spread sheet. This may be enough to send you clicking onto pretty pictures of French Bulldogs on Pinterest. Don't. Stay with me. Presented by Kristen Ainscoe, Partner, ONO Made in the 191.

Spreadsheets Are Your Friend

Spreadsheets are merely a framework that organizes your numbers and provides important decision making data. Once your spreadsheets are set up correctly they run on their own and as long as you are up to date with you data entry, you will get a great deal of feedback from them about your business.

Spreadsheet Software Sounds Expensive

The most commonly known and used spreadsheet is Micorsoft Excel. If you don't have access to Excel and you don't have the money to buy it, Google offers a free version that is comparable to Excel (and other Office products too). All you need is a gmail account and you are set.

You Don't Have To Be A Financial Or Database Wizard

If you are looking to understand spreadsheets I have 3 excellent resources for you:

  • Fred Pryor Seminars are great. They offer workshops face-to-face. There are several face-to-face sessions for Excel in the Philadelphia area from now until June. More will come as the year progresses. Seminars are one day, 9-4 and cost $79.

  • Skillsology offers an Excel Basics online course for $39/year. They estimate you will need 4 hours to complete the course. The Advanced Excel course is $65/year.

  • LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Learning for LinkedIn members. Membership to LinkedIn is free. LinkedIn Learning offers a free Month. There are many Excel courses available. Read and understand the fine print before you commit.

Still Not Comfortable?

The best part of being an entrepreneur is that YOU DECIDE what YOU WANT TO DO and you can outsource the rest. If you don't like the numbers, find people who do. There are a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, business analysts and coaches that will love to help you. Check the Corzo Center Consultants for Free office hour options.

The Take Away

Yes, you need to understand your numbers. No, you don't need to do your financials. Investing in experts allows you to invest your time doing what you love.

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