Are you looking for more resources about entrepreneurship or starting a new business? The links below may be able to answer your questions. If not, please contact the Corzo Center, and we will find an expert to answer. 

Form an LLC in PA

This video has been designed to simplify the Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration process. Registration benefits: reduce personal liability, gain tax advantages, protect personal assets, and heighten credibility. Participants can complete all forms during the workshop.

Presented by Frank Taney, of Taney Legal, consultant to start-ups and creatives.

Successful Digital Content Strategy

Learn how to leverage success from one to build the others and repeat the cycle for measurable success. This interactive lecture will include tactical tips and tools focused on digital strategies including SEO, content production, and content marketing.

Presented by Nicole Hess, Director of Strategy at Greenlane Search Marketing. Her experience includes 100+ successful digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 firms and international organizations to local businesses.

Is Your Artwork Retail Ready?

Learn how to find the ideal retailers and sell your work to them including what can you do to make your product attractive and how to avoid pitfalls. Explore these topics and more as we discuss your strategy for retail success.

Presented by Anne Cecil, Principal, ONO - made in the 191.

Health Insurance For Artists

Learn about open enrollment from IBX. As an artist, running your own business presents many challenges and choosing your healthcare coverage shouldn’t be one of them. Join us to learn more about the Affordable Care Act and the insurance options available to you.

How to Get and Keep Customers

Learn what goes into consumer purchasing decisions and how to influence them repeatedly.

Presented by Garron Gibbs, founder of TwoG Marketing, an Inbound Marketing company that specializes in customer acquisition and retention. Garron also serves on the African American Collections Committee at the Philadelphia Museum of Art while freelance writing for