If you are a maker, performer, designer, artist, filmmaker, writer, creator, freelancer, or someone with an established business,  we can help. Structured programming will show you how to connect your talents to the business of making a living -- whether that means starting a business, growing it, attracting an audience, or becoming a successful freelancer. Programs are free and open to the public and designed for artists, designers, and performers.

Intro to Entrepreneurship courses provide an in-depth and interactive overview of starting and growing businesses.
Our grantees are doing some wonderful things including designing and selling products (watches, guitars, glassware, board games, and fashion line) to local and national retailers. They have also launched an art gallery, music production company, a restaurant chain, a theater group, and a community print shop and zine library.
One-on-one consulting for Philadelphian artists starting or growing businesses. By appointment only and open to the public. Discuss entrepreneurship ideas, strategies, and tactics with local professionals. In-person only at UArts, 211 S Broad St, 9th Floor.