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Aubrey Fink's New Magazine is Bridging the Gap for Women of all Ages

Part magazine, part life manual, the Media resident’s "The Bridge" is thought-provoking and emotional. The all-ages list of contributors includes her 63-year-old mother and 8-year-old niece. Another was Gloria Shepard, a Media-based mindfulness and meditation coach. “It’s gorgeous,” says Shepard of The Bridge’s design. “And I was struck by how each voice in it is authentic and honest and real. It made me cry. It made me crack up. I could recognize myself in all of it.”

Remark Glass

At Remark Glass, a University of the Arts grantee company, in South Philadelphia, Mark Ellis and Rebecca Davies craft light fixtures out of wine bottles. Remark is one of several local companies doing the work on other restaurant in Fishtown.