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University of the Arts student reimagines a more ‘authentic’ women’s magazine

Aubrey Fink, a senior design student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is reimagining the women’s magazine. Instead of glossy pages filled with ads for makeup, jewelry and shoes, Fink is focusing her new magazine, The Bridge, on content she says is more “authentic.”
With the help of a $2,500 grant from the University of the Art’s Corzo Center Innovation Lab, Fink spent a year developing and designing the magazine, including writing many articles.

Pittsburgh collage artist Seth Clark brings his love of deteriorated architecture to Philly, in collage form

For Seth Clark, architecture served a purpose for more than just shelter. It was an artform. He could have become an architect, but instead he chose a different path: collage art. Clark’s work is currently on exhibition at South Philly’s Paradigm Gallery (a UArts grantee) in Queens Village.

South Philly artist sheds layers in new exhibit

For artist and South Philly resident Alex Eckman-Lawn, shoveling stratums — the actual ones and the figurative — serves as an avenue for inspiration. Alex Eckman-Lawn’s “Recessive,” uses multi-layered, hand-cut paper collages to explore survival. Portrayals of faces — some of friends, others of Greek statues — occupy the walls of Paradigm Gallery and Studio.

Paradigm Gallery is a UArts grantee.

Brands, Redefined: Hotel Revival

Paradigm Gallery, a UArts grantee, is mentioned in this article covering the renovation of the 107-room Hotel Revival, a Joie de Vivre Hotel, named for the renaissance of the city’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood.

For the guestrooms, Philadelphia’s Paradigm Gallery + Studio curated one-of-a-kind pieces, including linocut relief prints by artist Mike Sgier that pay homage to Wes Anderson films.

Printmaker interprets American story with Penn College exhibition

Paradigm Gallery, a UArts grantee, is mentioned in this article featuring an artist previously shown in their gallery.

The Gallery at Penn College is presenting an exhibition by Tennessee printmaker Jesse Shaw titled “Jesse Shaw: American Epic,” running from today through Dec. 12, at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, Madigan Library, 3rd Floor, One College Avenue.