A Reintroduction to Corzo



The Synopsis: The Corzo Center is re-envisioning its future with more accessible programs, new grants, and more space for conversation and collaboration with its UArts family.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Corzo Center. If you orbit anywhere near UArts, the workshop signage posted on the elevator bays has probably seeped deep into your subconscious. But, like the classmate that sits behind you in Art History, you probably don’t know much about them.

Listen, I get it. I was one of you once. I’d seen the posters. I heard mumblings of their programs but honestly had no clue what they were about. It wasn’t until I saw a poster for a grant opportunity that I found myself on their website. A quick application form and two months later, I was funded. It was this experience that converted me into a full blown Corzo enthusiast.


Who are they?

I quickly met the executive director of the Corzo Center Neil Kleinman, a man with a million ideas swirling in his brain at all times. He worked with me for months, in the cozy office at 900 Terra: brainstorming, talking me off the ledge, offering his expertise and sage advice. With his help, I was able to materialize my idea in less than a year.

I’ve since met the other two key members of the Corzo dream team: Todd Hestand and Erica Hawthorne-Manon. This dream team has guided me through scheduling consultations with experts and registering for workshops. I shout their praises on high to anyone who will listen. And I guess that brings us up to speed. Hello, anyone.


What is it?

At its core, Corzo believes that art is central to a successful economy. They believe that entrepreneurship is both a form of business innovation and social action. I can hear your voice in my head asking: this all sounds great but what exactly can Corzo help me with?


A Resource

The Corzo Center is a resource for artists with visions of creating their own business. Through programming, funding, and expert consultations, they help creative entrepreneurs develop the important (yet sometimes un-glamorous) skills they need to succeed. Even if you’re not sure you want to start a business, Corzo is a great resource for developing business-minded skills that will help you think about the whole of your artistic career. They can teach you how to deliver a value proposition, understand the dynamics of cash flow, how to valuate your time, and incorporate your business. They instruct on developing revenue strategies, how to price your work/product/service, setting up a budget, and how to market to your ideal audience.  


Grants, Workshops and Webinars

Corzo is reaching out to students in new ways, including in-class workshops and convenient webinars. They’ve launched an exciting new Impact Grant, which asks its applicants to propose a solution to a real world problem promising real impact. If you check them out on social media, you’ll see their work in action that includes their work with UArts students as they develop their business ideas, and highlights of past grantees about their creative life and work after the grant. Essentially, whatever you need in starting or growing your business idea, they’ve got someone who can talk you off the ledge like Neil did for me.


What’s in it for you?

There are tons of reasons for you to tune in to Corzo. If you have an idea that might just be something, you need to know about Corzo’s grant opportunities. Maybe you’d like to know about UArts students doing really cool things; if so, follow them on social to see student artist features. It could be that you would really like to afford groceries after graduation. If that’s the case, you should definitely be going to their bookkeeping, pricing, and marketing workshops. If you want to make a difference in the community, apply for the Impact Grant. If you need help convincing your parents that an art degree can, in fact, pay for itself, start sending them the grantee profiles from our Facebook! That’ll show ‘em.


Don’t be a stranger!

Now that you’ve been formally introduced (or re-introduced) to Corzo, we hope to get to know you. Reach out whatever way you feel most comfortable. Follow us on social, email us with a question, or set up a time to come have coffee with us in that cozy 900 Terra office. We can’t wait to meet you.