Corzo / TD Marketing Grant

  1. Complete an application online prior to the deadline.
  2. If selected, provide a working budget, outline of work to be undertaken during the term of the award, and a short description of work already undertaken on the business venture.
  3. Sign an agreement that outlines responsibilities and the conditions of the grant.

UArts seniors, graduate students, and alumni (who have graduated in the last five years) are eligible to apply for funding. Additionally, the applicant’s idea must be either pre-revenue or a business with no more than two years of revenue. Applications can be for products, services, or performance-based. This year, up to three grants of up to $2,000 are awarded.  Funding begins mid-November and the terms of the grant must be completed by May 30 of the following year.

A panel will review applications with the following criteria in mind:

  • Applicants must meet minimum eligibility and grant guideline requirements.
  • The applicant has provided evidence of previous and appropriate work and experience.
  • The idea suggests a use of the creative skills the applicant has developed.
  • The application presents a strategy that shows how the idea might be marketable.
  • The applicant has a sense of the primary market.
  • The applicant demonstrates a clear sense of their competition.
  • The application presents a context and a framework that tests it.
  • The applicant has a realistic view of what’s being proposed and what it might take to achieve it.
  • The applicant has provided a realistic timeline and budget.
  • The applicant (or the team) has a defined vision, energy, intelligence, and the willingness to experiment and learn from those advising him/her.

Grants are paid in three allotments. The first payment of one third of the awarded grant will be within one month of signing the agreement. The second third will be provided halfway through the grant period upon delivery of a written update report and supporting documentation. The final payment of of one third of the awarded grant upon receipt of all deliverables. (Note: Grantees are responsible for any tax liabilities connected to this grant and should speak with their accountants.)

If an applicant is funded, a grantee will be required to:

  • Sign an agreement outlining the scope of work promised, the timetable for completing it, and the expressed consent to credit the Corzo Center, the University of the Arts, and TD Charitable Foundation in any public use of the work that results during and from the grant for up to three years.
  • Meet with Corzo Center staff at three check-in meetings (end of January, mid-March, and end of April).
  • Submit a written report midway through the program including documentation of the work completed so far.
  • Submit a final, written report which includes documentation of the work that explains achievements, problems and/or challenges faced, and next steps.
  • Submit a minimum of five images and link to website to accompany the final report.
  • Present the work to other UArts students and members of the community both at the University and outside of it.
  • Allow the Corzo Center and the University of the Arts a non-exclusive right to present or exhibit the work funded through the Incubator as part of the UArts educational mission or marketing campaigns.
  • Agree to the University’s Intellectual Property Policy (below).

Note:  The University of the Arts’ Intellectual Property Policy confirms that ownership of work rests with the creator[s].  It does allow the University to arrange for some return of monies if there has been a substantial investment of University resources.  In some cases, grantees may be asked to agree to re-invest a modest percentage of net profits in the Creative Incubator in order to fund future student and alumni grants and projects. These terms will be defined prior to beginning the grant.

The Corzo Center Grant / TD Charitable Foundation Fellowship Program helps UArts students and alumni/ae market creative businesses and social enterprises. The purpose of this program is to support those who wish to develop a marketing strategy that promotes sustainability and growth.

A grant program, supported by TD Charitable Foundation, which provides funding and mentorship.  The program provides funding to UArts seniors, graduate students, and alum (who have graduated within the last 5 years) through grants of up to $2,000. Additionally, the applicant’s idea must be either pre-revenue or a business with no more than two years of revenue. Those that do not have public evidence of work accomplished must provide details on related personal experience. Grantees are offered support from advisors for up to 6 months. Funding begins December 1, 2018 and the terms of the grant must be completed by May 31, 2019.

This grant is open to those that can provide a sample of their work and want to make it public. It may be product, service, or performance-based. The goal of the grant is to help identify your audience and refine a marketing strategy.

Funds must be used for diverse marketing expenditures including, but not limited to, print/digital asset development, website and digital utility costs, and ad management. Funds may not be used for general supplies, capital equipment, salaries, and rental/leased space.