Client Spotlight: The Momma Phoenix Co.

Todd Hestand

Alison Williams is the founder of The Momma Phoenix Co. which teaches soap making, entrepreneurship, and natural living to people of all ages. They manufacture and sell Bars by Evelyn Phoenix - natural bars of soap inspired by the poetry and music of artist Evelyn Phoenix. The Momma Phoenix Co. has been in operation for five years.

New from The Momma Phoenix Co.

The Momma Phoenix Co. has many wonderful things in the works. They have recently developed a partnership with Project Home and are in talks to create a class for homeless men and women where they can teach soap making and entrepreneurship. They have partnered with The Women's Resource Center and are working with their Girl's Leadership Program in the fall.  Finally, they are partnering with various coffee and tea houses in and around Philadelphia for "Sip and Soap Workshops" where soap making will be taught to community members while they enjoy delicious, natural teas and desserts.

The business positively affects the community because it promotes empowerment, self-sufficiency, and wellness. It was started as a retail business selling soap and natural products but has recently changed direction to focus on education. The response has been incredible! They give people of all ages tools that will last a lifetime - from teaching children as young as three years old how to make their own bath bombs and lip balms to showing women and girls in shelters how to make soap and sell it to earn an income.

Help from the Corzo Center

From participating in Corzo Center programs, I have learned professionalism, organization, and how to effectively run and market my business. Most importantly, I have learned how to take advantage of what I already have and use it wisely. I have also learned how to seek out help when I need it.

The Momma Phoenix Co.

Next Steps

The next goal is to release a line of Creative Chemistry Kits. These kits will give students the experience of our workshops at  home. There will be kits for students to make bath bombs, lip balms, soaps, and candles. Additionally, a children book about entrepreneurship will be released within the next year.

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