The Hook Journal

In February 2016, The Hook Journal started as a DIY music magazine to assist getting underground music in Philadelphia, PA heard. Since its inception, the magazine’s main focus has been to be a non-profit organization that harbors a safe space for music.

Lessons Learned and Conclusions

After being awarded the Corzo Innovation Lab Grant, The Hook Journal used funds to rebrand with a more business friendly logo and create ways to launch merchandise including stickers and t-shirts. Their current and future goals are based on sustainability and relevancy.

The Corzo Center taught a crash course on how to assess and approach a project as a business. Very quickly, The Hook Journal’s goals became bigger and attainable. Thanks to the grant, there were five profitable showcases which hosted bands from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and other states. Money was raised for Philadelphia charities and organizations including Books Through Bars and The Attic Youth Center thanks to ideas produced out of the grant.

Next Steps

The Hook Journal has scaled back on hosting showcases. They are focusing more on building their reach outside of the tri-state area and being more inclusive in other areas of the United States via online coverage. It is important to donate time and efforts to other organizations and charity foundations, especially those that benefit society outsiders. They would like to continue creating merchandise and advertising materials to help foster The Hook Journal as a music scene mainstay. Their goal is to be a space where music can be heard and shared.