Talk Design Studio is a product design and manufacturing company located In Philadelphia. Inspiration is taken from science and nature and products are designed by using something recognizable and presenting it in a new way. This re-contextualization gives Talk Design a duality of being both familiar and cutting edge at the same time.

Coffeebot Studios, LLC is an animation and motion graphics studio committed to the entertainment and laughter of others.  It creates and publishes original comedic animated series as well as provides computer and motion graphic services. Watch Coffeebot in action here.

Ugly Apparel was started by Kelly Meissner in the summer of 2013. Kelly is a graduate of the University of the Arts with a BFA in Illustration. While in college, Kelly was trained as a tattoo artist and even opened her own shop in her senior year of college. Watch the incubator summary video here:

My experience in taking my artistic idea and turning it into a viable business is has been much like a growing tree branch. There are constantly new limbs and new leaves sprouting in places you did not expect.