Bright Light, a theatre company dedicated to experimental movement-base work, will premiere Precipice at The Black Lodge at the Paul Green School of Rock as part of the 1020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  Bright Light is a non-profit theatre company that produces performances, educational workshops, and artistic research opportunities based in Philadelphia.  A $5,000 grant was awarded to suppor

Blue:Red:Yellow's goals are to produce t-shirts, scarves, and other sustainable clothing that does not harm the buyer or planet, and to promote this local, eco-friendly, and healthy clothing in the Philadelphia area.  Blue:Red:Yellow's process will help emphasize the need for more sustainable product design for the future generations.  A $2,700 grant was awarded to produce the initial products

Silverclutch Games is a publisher of original tabletop games that offer fun, challenges and engaging stories for hobbyists and casual games.  They are easy to learn with simple, engaging rules and fast actions.   Its first game, Beneath Nexus,  is an asymmetrical dungeon crawling card game for 3 to 6 players.

R. Hyde Guitars creates Bass guitars that combine visual beauty with exceptional sound and ergonomics. An alumni of the University of the Arts Industrial Design program (’13), Ryan Hyde formed his company to produce a distinct line of Bespoke Bass Guitars that fuse modern and classic design while satisfying the stringent needs of modern musicians.

Founded by a graduate of Curtis Institute of Music, Coded Sounds is a music production company that works with independent songwriters and musical artists to create powerful, current, and marketable recordings of their songs and facilitates the distribution and marketing through targeted social media campaigns.