PaperWool, LLC makes ottomans and pillows stuffed with 100% shredded junk mail. Watch the promo video here:  Cushions & Cubes have windows through which you can see the stuffing and a zipper down the back for refilling.

Bonded Forever is a philanthropic company that specifically designs conceptual handmade jewelry for cancer patients and their loved ones.  The jewelry will be available for purchase at retail stores, gift shops,  charity and promotional events, and on Bonded Forever’s own e-commerce website.

BioSkin: a green building siding inspired by tree bark.  BioSkin is a type of siding for buildings consisting of a system that creates shaded areas on a building's surface just like tree bark does on its own exterior.  By acting like heatsinks the siding blocks excess heat from collecting on the outside of a building.  The bark creates a rough surface that allows for many shaded areas to occur.

I had never been as nervous to present, as I was the day I stood in front of the Corzo Center Grant Competition Panelists. I have presented and conducted training session a plethora of times, but always in a subject matter in which I had a significant amount of experience.

Andrew Dahlgren created ADMK after completing the Local Craft Industries Project, a year-long investigation into the current state of domestic and commercial knitting in the region. Andrew completed this project with a vision of a 21st century textile industry built in Philadelphia utilizing cutting edge knitting technology as a key component.