Client Spotlight: Fab Youth Philly

Todd Hestand

Rebecca Fabiano  is the Founder of Fab Youth Philly (FYP), established in 2010, which provides consulting services to organizations that work with children and youth in order to strengthen program quality and support staff. FYP facilitates networking and professional development opportunities for youth workers. They serve as a laboratory to create and deliver original programming directly for and with young people.

New From Fab Youth Philly

Fab Youth Philly recently launched a summer job program for teens in West and North Philly called the Play Captain Initiative. It started with a small group of teens (twelve total) and this summer will offer up to fifty summer jobs to young people. FYP added three new clients in the past four months. They developed a partnerships with Urban Technology Project to host a project on MLK Day for a group of teens and adult volunteers. They will be working on a tech project aimed at making it possible for teens to find what they want to do where and when they want to do it in Philly.

Fab Youth Philly delivers activities and experiences for children and youth. They create networking and professional development experiences where attendees connect with peers.

Help From The Corzo Center

Rebecca had a session with a Corzo Consultant about merchandising. It was valuable because the consultant provided several useful tips regarding steps needed in order to work towards FYP's goals.

Fab Youth Philly

Next Steps

Fab Youth Philly will publish curricula, tips, and tool kits for clients.