The Point Is Profit: Creating A Brand Promise

Anne Cecil

You DO NOT Define Your Brand: As we discussed in our webinar, a Brand is a promise delivered and what customers say about you when they are not communicating with you.  Your customers define your brand based on what they find meaningful in terms of how your products or services reinforce their personal identity. Presented by Anne Cecil, Founder, ONO Made in the 191.

Your Product or Service MUST Always Deliver

Once you have a brand story, engage with your customer through distinct offers that create memories within them. Communicate your purpose. Focus on relationships with current customers and always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Increasing your Brand Reach

Try to identify these three customer archetypes as  presented by Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point. They will be instrumental partners in spreading your brand reach.

  • The Maven is an information specialist who shares. Often a blogger, this customer will tell her social network about your brand and your product or service because he or she is passionate about it. Lots of people will do that, but if a maven shares, people listen.

  • The Connector loves to introduce people. A consummate networker, the connector attempts to introduce people to other people, products and services that are a good identity fit.

  • The Salesperson loves to sell. This customer will "sell" your product or service to those in their network who "need" it.

Insider Tip

The Maven is an Influencer  and may make an excellent Brand Ambassador. Consider how you might reward a maven to act as your ambassador on a more formal level. Be sure to construct a very specific contract that is measurable and enforceable by both parties.

The Take Away

Select channels that will help you reach these archetypes. For example, establish a brand blog and invite maven customers to create guest posts. Follow the blogs of your maven customers. Consider LinkedIn for the Connector and Twitter for the Salesperson. Use each archetype channel consistently (same voice, same language, same message) across all forms of communication.

Craft distinct offers that speak to each of these archetypes. For example, send a free new product to a Maven for a blog post. Send samples to the Connector to share with their network. Set up an incentive like $25 off your next purchase for a referral for your Salesperson. Offers must fit the role of each of these archetypes.

Correctly identifying customers that will help you spread the word via the appropriate channels with the right message at the right time with the right incentive will go a long way to creating a sound brand foundation.

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