Bridge Magazine

The Bridge Magazine by Aubrey Fink is a reinvention of the women’s publication. Issue No. 1 features 17 original articles written by everyday women ranging from 8 to 65 years old. The authors wrote about meditation, gynos, plant parenthood, regular parenthood, first loves, and felony convictions. Aubrey’s goal for this publication is to bridge the gap between women of different generations and emphasize commonality. She want this manual to tell the stories of women who otherwise might not have had their stories told including grandmothers, neighbors, and you.

Lessons Learned

When Aubrey originally submitted for the Corzo Center grant, the core mission of the publication was the same but the scope of the project changed over the course of development. Originally, she proposed a traditional magazine format that had a bigger focus on interfamily relationships. As she began compiling the content and refining the mission, she pivoted to welcome a larger audience.

Through the grant process, Aubrey learned more about project development and adapting. This project forced her to be vulnerable and to take criticism in order to make the publication better. The Corzo Center has been a reliable and incredibly helpful resource from beginning to end as a catalyst.

The biggest challenge that this project brought was how many times Aubrey decided to go back to the drawing board. In August of 2017, Aubrey thought she had finished the project, producing a more traditional magazine format. The content was good but the design was lacking something. She rethought completely the publication formation and devised a new way to present the information. Instead of a traditional magazine, Aubrey created a manual style 6x9 book that featured each article as a chapter. The publication was renamed, new artwork commissioned, and more articles added to fill out the 90-page issue. It took another four months to complete.

Next Steps

As of February 2018, the first issue was sent to the printer. The next steps for this project are to sell the 150 copies and raise funds for the second issue.