The Point Is Profit: Anatomy Of An Effective Look Book

Anne Cecil

What is a Look Book? A Look Book is a tool to show your creative Point of View. It is a collection of product photographs that gives the viewer an understanding of your product and the lifestyle it serves. It shows your customer how to put your products together to make a personal statement. It's INSPIRATIONAL. Presented by Kristen Ainscoe, Partner, ONO Made in the 191.

Look Books can be printed or online. If printed, they should have a long life, meaning they should be meaningful for at least 3-6 months. If digital, they can be changed more frequently. Focus on Quality, not Quantity. Less is more. You can communicate a great deal with a few images that authentically represent your product and brand.

Insider Tip

I recommend a Look Book that is built for longevity. It is most effective when carefully designed to send a visual point of view that accurately reflects and supports your brand. You want to speak to and engage your tribe (Remember Pathways to Purchase). I suggest re-doing your Look Book if you create a new collection or new colorways, etc. For example, in the Fashion industry, each new season there is a new Look Book. What is your equivalent of  "season"?

Do You Need a Look Book?

No, but you do need a Line Sheet.

What is a Line Sheet?

A line sheet is the basis for your Look Book. It includes a photo and the basic product information for each item you offer that a retailer or buyer will need to place a wholesale order with you. Keep it simple. Retailers and buyers want to be able to make a quick decision. Typically you will include a photo and the product name, price, size and item ID or number.

Insider Tip

I recommend creating a policy and shipping sheet to accompany your line sheet that outlines your wholesale policies and shipping. Consider these and other criteria:

  • Clear policies that instill trust, especially regarding returns and refunds?

  • Detailed shipping policies? Who pays? Is there a reduction with multiple items? Do you ship anywhere? Do you offer insurance? What is your shipping time frame? Do you ship Internationally? Which carriers do you use? Do you offer items by piece, by pack, or both?

The Take Away

Spend some time making a stellar Line Sheet, so you will be ready for any wholesale opportunity. Turn that Line Sheet into a Look Book to further your brand image and engage the retail customer. Your Look Book can be part of what you send to the retailer along with their wholesale order to help your product sell through.

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