The Point Is Profit: Always Leave Them Wanting More

Anne Cecil

In a world of constant over messaging, it is important to keep your brand "top of mind" with your customers. The best way to do this is to create a personal promotional product that will become your calling card. Whatever you create MUST be memorable AND authentic in terms of your brand story. Presented by Kristen Ainscoe, Partner, ONO Made in the 191.

Start with your brand story and really think about your core values. For example, my shoe business is concerned with using imperfect leathers. Even though I start with imperfect leather and strive to get the most I can out of each piece, I am still left with waste. It makes perfect sense for me to consider how to use this waste while staying true to my brand and product assortment. If the item is useful, even better.

Insider Tip

Make sure you consider what extra materials you may need to acquire and their costs as you develop you plan.

The next issue to tackle is time. You can't give something away for free if it takes a great deal of time to make if you want a sustainable  business. So this item needs to be quick and easy to make.

Now we get to the difficult part. How do we make this item feel personal? This can be tough. After all, it's a giveaway. If you are creating the piece for a retail buyer, you can make a special one-off for them based on your research as part of your pitch kit. For example, you could use their logo colors or a theme they use with their brand. It's unlikely they will see another of your one-offs that you have given to your competitor.

It is much harder if you are using the item at trade or consumer shows. You need the quantity and everyone will see what everyone else is getting. How can you make them feel special? Present it in a "package". Present it with a personal story. Allow the recipient to choose the gift. Add your signature or initials to the item (think limited edition). Stamp, print or emboss their initials or name on the product.

Insider Tip

Engaging the recipient in the gift will make a memory. Your best giveaway will include an opportunity for interaction. Consider how you might include some kind of DIY experience around this item and you will have a winner.

The Take Away

Creating a memorable calling card that is useful and feels authentic within the context of your brand + Presenting it with an experience that touches the recipient and creates a memory = Keeping your brand "top of mind."