Who We Are

The Corzo Center supports Philadelphia-area artists starting businesses by providing programs that teach entrepreneurial skills.

The Center was formed to keep art where it belongs, central to society and an economy that requires ideas and imagination, and is guided by the belief that entrepreneurship is both a form of business innovation and a form of public and social action.

We offers a range of programs for entrepreneurs:

  • Grant programs fund and support businesses.
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship courses provide an in-depth and interactive overview of starting and growing businesses.
  • Entrepreneur office hours connect entrepreneurs to a range of free consultants including lawyers, accountants, marketers, and business strategists.
  • Lectures and workshops provide an overview of entrepreneurial topics and practical strategies.
  • Our partnerships promote entrepreneurship in the community.
Neil Kleinman
Neil Kleinman
Director of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy and professor of Multimedia and Communication at the University of the Arts, where, until recently, he served as dean of the College of Media & Communication and director of the Philadelphia Applied Research Labs. Previously he served as dean of the College of Liberal Arts, director of the Institute for Publications Design, director of the doctoral program in Communications Design, and co-director of the School of Communication Design – all at the University of Baltimore.
C. Todd Hestand
Manager of the Corzo Center @ UArts where he facilitates the development and support of the Center's programs including the lecture series, entrepreneur office hours program, courses, and grants. He is a serial entrepreneur and currently the founder of Side Arts, a call-for-artists listing service. Past experience includes working as an executive management consultant developing marketing and operations strategies for Fortune 1000 clients and senior project director at a major market research organization.
After going to Business Boot Camp at the Corzo Center I am convinced that everyone with a creative project needs to get over there and “boot up” to learn about value propositions and how to pitch a project in 5 minutes or less. Teacher Angel Rodriguez makes the learning fun while at the same time imparting a ton of concise, bullet-pointed information. And the feedback he, Neil, and Todd give you on your project presentation will help you clarify what you’re doing, and why you should be doing it. Many thumbs up on this wonderful program!
Roberta Fallon
Before I came into the course, I did not have a game plan for my business. I had a long list which I titled "questions I need answered", which I slowly worked my way down. The Corzo Center's course taught me a different, much more efficient way of working. I came out of the course with a 6-month action plan that was actually attainable. This has increased my productivity and progress tremendously.
Jarrod Therrien
I have greatly appreciated what the Corzo Center has offered me in the past year. I have met with a few different specialists (lawyer, product designer, accountant), and each time, left with something that changed my business for the better. The entrepreneurial course challenged the way I think about and run my business. If you have an open mind, this course will surely help you sort out whether or not your idea is a business or hobby.
Matthew Manhire

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