Blue: Red: Yellow

Funded in Summer 2010 through a Corzo Incubator grant of $2700, BLUE:RED:YELLOW  was started by Elissa Meyers, an ID graduate, along with a group of UArts students and alumni who had become interested in textile design, local production, and a concern for the environment.  The textiles (shirts and scarves) and accessories (apothecary bottle necklaces) they create and sell speak to this concern. Meyers describes B:R:Y:

Their all-natural dye is locally grown.  The fabric they use is organic cotton, and their work is designed to be sustaining. Their business model is based on the principle of a local collective  of craft artisans , which they expect will grow into an LLC as they establish their place in the local market.

Their first plot was in South Philly and, as they expand in the spring, they will move to the Schuylkill Center Community Garden in Roxborough. The company name stands for the three basic dyes they produce – blue (indigo), red (madder roots) and yellow (marigold).

Prior to launching the venture, Elissa took the Corzo Center’s six-day Saturday workshop for entrepreneurs.  In addition to growing their plants and harvesting the dye, the group set up a blog, e-commerce site, and designed and produced promotional material and a catalog,

As a group committed to the local DIY economy, they have participated in the Urban Outfitters “swaparama,” setting up a dyeing demo table; exhibited at the Philly Works 2010 show held at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design; and displayed their work at the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market’s Holiday Show in December.

To learn more about them, visit their blog:

Or listen to Elissa Meyers describe the project:

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