Entrepreneur Office Hours

Free, one-on-one consulting for artists starting or growing businesses. All locations are by appointment only and open to the public. Discuss entrepreneurship ideas, strategies, and tactics with local professionals. In-person only. Request your appointment below.

Before scheduling, please check the Corzo Center's Business FAQ videos for answers to your questions.

Consulting topics at UArts:

  • Artistic project planning and fundraising - Matt Levy
  • Business development - Harvey Hoffman
  • Business strategy - Richard Genzer
  • Content strategy - David Thomas
  • Intellectual property / patents - Clark Jablon
  • Legal - Frank Taney
  • Marketing - Rayce Rollins
  • Pitching and Presentation Skills - Judith Sachs
  • Press relations - Peter Key
  • Pricing and merchandising - Kristen Ainscoe
  • Sales strategy (products) - Anne Cecil (starting in October)
  • Social media - Todd Hestand
  • Student debt - Michael Light
  • Taxes and Bookkeeping - Christianne Kapps
  • Video production - Edan Cohen
  • Web design and development - Mike Tedeschi

Consulting topics at the Village of Arts and Humanities (starting in October):

  • Customer management - Ben Gilbert
  • Financial business strategy - Reco Owens

Coming soon, new availability at NextFab and People's Emergency Center.

Consultants' availability may vary monthly.

Cancellations: Must be made 24 hours in advance either through the scheduler or with the advisor directly.  Consulting sessions may be refused due to frequent cancellations under 24 hours or no-shows.

Entrepreneur office hours is a program of the Corzo Center @ UArts with the Village of Arts and Humanities. Supported by the Knight Foundation and PECO.