Talk Design Studio

Talk Design Studio is a product design and manufacturing company located In Philadelphia. Inspiration is taken from science and nature and products are designed by using something recognizable and presenting it in a new way. This re-contextualization gives Talk Design a duality of being both familiar and cutting edge at the same time.

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This past summer Talk Design participated in The Corzo Center’s entrepreneurial program. This business boot camp really helped lay a foundation, build a network of professionals, and plan next steps.

Lessons learned

  • Make goals and achieve them! SMART goals are a great way to propel yourself forward and track your progress.
  • Separate yourself from your work! Your target demographic is not you. Being able to see your work from an objective viewpoint will help define “who” the company is and what you need to strengthen its identity.
  • Ask for help! There are programs and people that are there to help in a variety of different ways. Find them.
  • Collaborate! Reaching out and opening up a conversation is the beginning of a potential relationship. Even just sharing and receiving feedback is a great way to get started.
  • Two heads are usually better than one.


Existing between art and design can be tricky as finding the right outlets is crucial to success. Talk Design is working on prototyping a children’s chair as well as launching a product line of home decor. These two things have different audiences and vary greatly in approach. The children’s chair is called Blurp and is very materials based. Its design is simple but the challenges are great. The home decor line juggles multiple materials and production streams at once. In general we find sales, marketing, and advertising tobe an ongoing challenge.

Next steps

Prototyping! We are currently reaching out for help with Blurp in the legal department as well as finding materials specialist and potential small run manufacturers. For the product line we take a more hands on approach. There are several designs, each of which is being tweaked and tested producing a finalized product ready for local production.