Coffeebot Studios, LLC is an animation and motion graphics studio committed to the entertainment and laughter of others.  It creates and publishes original comedic animated series as well as provides computer and motion graphic services. Watch Coffeebot in action here.

Coffeebot Studios was founded by four Drexel University Digital Media Westphal graduates, Chelsea Myers, Eric Martin, Ross Reagan, and Ian Suen in June of 2014.  Starting with its animated series – Coffeebot – which became the name of the studio – the team is developing forms of comedy and graphics that exploit the possibility of computer animated technology.  Coffeebot – the comic series --  can be viewed online at

Summer Work.    As participants in the Corzo Center/UArts’ summer program (supported by the Corzo Center, Knight Foundation, Westphal College of Media Art & Design/Drexel and the Close School of Entrepreneurship/Drexel), the team learned to define the structure of their business, to develop a sustainable business model, and identify strategies to become more visible.   The studio has already gained the attention of Frederator Studios, the creators of TV shows Adventure Time and Fairly Odd Parents.  It has a one year YouTube partnership with Channel Frederator and has  been featured twice on Frederator's Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Challenges/Lessons Learned.   Since the members of Coffeebot Studios are artistic people, it was hard for them to adjust their mentality and think about the business side of their studio. The biggest challenge was adapting to thinking like an entrepreneur. The team members  love their craft, but, they have learned that  passion for what they create is not enough to build a business. The team had to think more in depth about how to become sustainable so they could support their craft.  

Next Steps.   Coffeebot Studios won the program’s award for Most Innovative. With the funds from the Corzo Center’s program – stipends and award monies –  Coffeebot Studios is buying the necessary software to continue animating. Coffeebot Studios is also using the funds towards setting up a booth at Philadelphia’s 2014 Coffeebot and Tea Festival.

For more on the series and the studio, visit  For more information, email Operation Director Chelsea Myers at