Client Spotlight Update: A Piece of Positivity Studios


Carlee Myers is the Founder of A Piece of Positivity Studios (APOP). She helps people who feel stuck in their life and career build a life that feels like home without sacrificing progress. APOP offers creative workshops and private coaching for those who want to make 'adulting' fun.

New At A Piece of Positivity Studios

APOP Studios' signature Feeling Salty workshop, a 2.5 hour workshop that helps people figure out what they want and have fun doing it, was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer in October 2017. In the past six months, the workshop was presented in Ashville, NC and New York City.

APOP Studios' founder, Carlee Myers, was recently featured in Woolly Magazine for spectacular performance as a millennial life coach with a creative twist. In addition to running her business, Carlee has exhibited and spoken about her work around the greater Philadelphia area. She shared her well-received signature talk, The Nightmare Detox: How Creativity Stopped Eight Years of Chronic Night Terrors, in South Philadelphia. She has an exhibition currently showing at the International House (as of January 2018).

Lessons Learned

Carlee has learned feeling that her work is fully in alignment with herself is key but, even more important, so is persistence. With strategic persistence, she can achieve just about anything.

Testimonials And Press

“I feel like I’m no longer alone. Working through feelings step by step, layer by layer with Carlee helped me to get to the heart of what I actually want.” -Kat, Philadelphia

How Putting Your Hands In A Box Of Salt Could Change Your Life - The Inquirer, October 4, 2017

A room full of people playing with salt sounded a little like a small animal scratching against a door. Or a giant hourglass whose granular particles race through the neck, loudly grazing every surface. The sound itself was enough to lull me into meditative peace, but the texture of the salt on my hands — rougher than sand, offering a light exfoliation — provided a welcome element of distraction. Mindfulness doesn’t exactly come naturally. - Click here to read more.

A Piece of Positivity Studios

Next Steps

In 2018, Carlee hopes to expand her reach to folks across the country whether it is through private coaching, creative workshops, exhibiting her work, or sharing her story on larger stages. 

For her, 2018 is really the year of the '100.' She hopes to create 100 times (make art, write, perform, and dance), work with hundreds of women across the country help them grow and evolve to build their ideal life, and set daily intentions to guide her through the year. This year, more than any other year, Carlee hopes to give herself and her business 100%.