Client Spotlight: A Piece of Positivity Studios

Todd Hestand

Carlee Myers is the Founder of A Piece of Positivity Studios, a consultancy which helps professional women who are unhappy at work use creativity to make work fun again. A Piece of Positivity Studios has been in business for two years.

New From A Piece Of Positivity Studios

A Piece of Positivity Studios just launched their newest private coaching program. This six month program helps professional women find more joy and pride in their lives. Using their ten-step unique methodology, they help women explore creativity to build the life they want to live.

A Piece of Positivity Studios recently hosted a creative mindfulness workshop called Feeling Salty. The one and a half hour workshop helps women let go of the past and welcome a positive and fulfilling future. This workshop is designed to elicit major breakthroughs. During this workshop women participate in a moving meditation technique. They discover key factors in their lives that have prevented them from becoming their best selves.

The consultancy has worked with many women to create and find jobs that have them waking up excited about going to work, create more time to do fulfilling activities, and enjoy their lives more. They help women discover a strong sense of accomplishment and self love. Programs teach clients how to live a heart-centered life and build their dream lives.

Help From The Corzo Center

"The more I showed up to events and presentations, the more opportunities and ideas for growth would arise. I was inspired to create more and figured out how to get 'unstuck' from the first step. After that, everything else fell into place." - Carlee Myers

A Piece of Positivity Studios

Next Steps

Carlee hopes to expand her reach to more cities in the United States.