Client Spotlight: Exponential Growth & Development


Kishna Jeantine is the Founder of Exponential Growth & Development (EGD), a grant writing and business consulting service. They help start up and small non-profits build their youth development programs. Services include creating policies, procedures, and curricula for programs. EGD has been in business for two years.

New From Exponential Growth & Development

Exponential Growth & Development has been able to find funding for five organizations within the last year and raised over $150,000 for youth development programs. One program in Gergia was able to find funding to support their after school enrichment programs in multiple locations for the full school year. It received funding for their summer robotics program for five two-week's series. Over 500 students were served through these programs. Another organization received funding to help seniors who were having difficulty paying for medical services. The funding allowed the seniors to get the care and the medication they needed.

Exponential Growth & Development In The Community

Exponential Growth & Development's clients help youth stay out of trouble, gain access to resources, and build positive and rewarding futures. EGD's clients provide services to youth which enables them the possibility of a brighter future through sports, music, and education. There is a positive impact on the youth's families as well. Workshops are designed to help build the family structure. They implement closer relationships between caretaker and youth and have warranted high levels of success.

Help From The Corzo Center

Kishna  - " I have been able to learn extremely useful skills in managing EGD, finance management, how to target my audience, and marketing. The Corzo Center helped me grow EGD to levels that I did not know was possible. I am grateful."

Exponential Growth & Development

Next Steps

Kishna hopes to grow EGD's client base and help more non-profits provide services to their communities.