Client Spotlight: KakeMi 90 Second Cake


Marian Dossou is the Founder of KakeMi 90 Second Cake, a unique dessert company that features a cake anyone can make in only 90 seconds. The KakeMi 90 Second Cake is an all inclusive dessert kit that lets you experience the wonder, joy, and deliciousness of making your very own cake quickly. KakeMi launched in February of 2016.

New From KakeMi 90 Second Cake

On June 6th, KakeMi 90 Second Cake launched a Kickstarter campaign. The launch is a major success for the business. Planning a Kickstarter requires a lot of planning and community engagement. Being able to launch has been a testament to KakeMi’s progress and growth. The campaign was also chosen as a Kickstarter: Project We Love!

KakeMi also recently had the opportunity to pitch at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Summit in Houston. They were chosen as one of ten companies to compete for $10,000. It was an amazing experience. They did not win the competition; however, it helped KakeMi build awareness and make connections.

KakeMi In The Community

KakeMi 90 Second Cake positively affects customers by giving them an easier opportunity to experience the wonder and joy of baking. Customers tend to be busy, but are always looking for a way to bond with their children and loved ones in a limited amount of time. The all-inclusive dessert kits take away the mess, measuring, and stress of baking. The 90 Second Cake makes is easier for customers to make sweet memories with their family and friends.

KakeMi 90 Second Cakes are made at a commercial kitchen in West Philadelphia. Labels are printed locally at a copy shop in University City. Though the company is still small, it positively affects the community by being a local presence of entrepreneurship and talking with youth about the process.

Help From The Corzo Center

The Corzo Center programs have been invaluable in helping think through the process of starting KakeMi and keeping it running. The entrepreneurship course was the initial push in helping attain all the licenses to start KakeMi. The office hours assisted in streamlining my website, preparing content for my social media, and getting initial legal advice. The dedicated workshops were beneficial in not only learning more advanced content but also networking.

KakeMi 90 Second Cake

Next Steps

The next goal for KakeMi 90 Second Cake is to solidify the proper distribution model for taking the business to the next level. The KakeMi 90 Second Cake is a non-traditional product and therefore needs a non-traditional way to reach the target market. Over the next couple months, KakeMi will be approaching schools as a fundraiser opportunity, hotels as a gift shop option, and college campus stores as a snack option.