Client Spotlight: exit343design


Stephanie Harvey, Founder of exit343design, is a printmaker hailing from a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. Her work exemplifies her love of silkscreen, typography, bright colors, and all things cute. Currently, she designs and prints fun and functional items such as art prints, greeting cards, and gift bags.

New from exit343design

exit343design is celebrating ten years in 2017! Stephanie recently began delving into freelance, custom wedding paper in a serious manner. She created a brand new line under the exit343design name and debuted it at a local wedding expo earlier this year. A significant custom wedding job was retained from someone who saw the exhibit at the show.

Stephanie has also been actively working to create a more well-rounded offering of greeting cards. It has been slow going but, with each new debut, it gets positive reactions on social media and in person at local art shows.

Throughout the years, Stephanie has been working to hone her artistic style and voice. She realized in the last few years that people enjoy the sense of humor in my work. When clients see her work online or in person at a local craft show, they often laugh out loud.

Help from the Corzo Center

"The Corzo Center has been an invaluable resource that I always tell others about. I have attended a variety of one-on-one meetings and talks ranging from topics like social media and marketing to tax prep. One of my biggest struggles has been on the legal/financial end. I was able to make contacts to answer questions and get my ducks in a row." - Stephanie


Next Steps

Stephanie's next goal is to develop and print a wholesale catalogue to pitch to retail outlets.