Musical Story Slam

Funded as a microgrant, the Musical Story Slam was an opportunity for Curtis students to expand their public speaking skills in addition to their creativity as story tellers.  By telling stories about music and tying them into pieces that were performed, students learned how to be  comfortable speaking to an audience and found new and amusing ways to think about music as well as engage audiences. Principal Producer: Gergana Haralampieva.

The program was funded by the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy and the Curtis Institute of Music and made possible by the generous support of the Knight Foundation Challenge grant.

Musical Story Slam was a fascinating attempt to combine music making with story telling as well as attract young audiences. This project organized by members of First Person Arts and members of the Curtis community led up to a show on April 25th, 2015, in Gould Rehearsal Hall at the Curtis Institute of Music.

Six Curtis students coached by Dan Gasiewski and Jamie Brunson each told their own personal stories and played pieces of music that connected with their stories. The audience was made up of some Curtis faculty, students, and parents, but mostly of people who go to Story Slams regularly and do not have too much contact with classical music. The show mainly targeted those people who have not experienced classical music in a new, creative setting like a Story Slam. It was our opportunity to communicate how making meaning about music comes from everyone's personal experiences and/or how a personal experience can be enhanced through music.