Bonded Forever

Bonded Forever is a philanthropic company that specifically designs conceptual handmade jewelry for cancer patients and their loved ones.  The jewelry will be available for purchase at retail stores, gift shops,  charity and promotional events, and on Bonded Forever’s own e-commerce website.

Bonded Forever will donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale (10% for retail purchases and 5% for bulk wholesale purchases) to cancer research and patient care.  The majority of the donation money will be split equally between the University of Pennsylvania’s Joan Karnell Cancer Center and Abramson Cancer Center.  Bonded Forever will also donate a portion of its proceeds to other worthy places or charities if the company sells jewelry at another organization, institution, business, or charity event that is not affiliated with the Penn Cancer Network.  Bonded Forever plans to also organize fun charity events throughout the year to raise awareness and additional funds for the Penn Cancer Network. 

Watch the short movie, Bonded Forever: Jewelry that Unites Cancer Patients and their Loved Ones, to learn about the touching story that inspired Bonded Forever’s Owner/Designer, Cassandra Hoo, to create the company and main jewelry design scheme. 

Year in Review:

It was such an honor to be awarded a grant from the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy’s Creative Incubator.  Considering that I graduated from the University of the Arts with a degree in Writing for Film in Television (and not Crafts), I knew it was sort of a long shot to pitch a jewelry business idea to the Creative Incubator.  Luckily, my inspirational story, paired with a solid business plan and conceptual jewelry design scheme, won the hearts and minds of the judges. 

The entire process of making my idea become a reality has been a really rewarding experience.  I found out that I was a grantee only a month or two after my family received the great news that my mother had beaten Stage IV Colon Cancer and was declared cancer free by her doctors.  It is an absolute treat and blessing to be able to create and run a business that was inspired by the jewelry that I made for my family and myself while my mother battled cancer. 

Turning my passionate hobby of jewelry making into a business was definitely one of the most challenging aspects of creating Bonded Forever.  I have been fortunate enough to have a great team of professionals and mentors on my side.  The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy’s business lectures, free business advising, and mentors were all so helpful and informative.  My brilliantly talented father taught me so much about branding and has been my go-to person for advice.  He also helped me create my company’s beautiful logo, brand identity, and movie.  Jonathan Kerr, the manager and design consultant of Spirit of the Artist (SOTA), gave me excellent advice about jewelry design, product placement, pricing, and packaging.  All of these resources have given me the business savviness and confidence that I need to keep my business moving in the right direction.

One of the most gratifying moments of the year occurred after I raffled off one of my prototype bracelet gift sets to a breast cancer support group.  The gracious winner of the raffle gave her supporter bracelet to her sister in Norway!  I think that is a good omen that part of my first Bonded Forever gift set is already international.  It really illustrates my company’s goal to bring cancer patients and their loved ones together so perfectly.  It also gives me a taste of what is possible.  The raffle winner wrote a really touching story about her long battle with cancer on my blog.

The sheer thought of knowing that my jewelry can help others, in the same way that it’s helped me and my family, motivates and energizes me every day.  I can’t wait to see how my company progresses during this coming year.