• Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015
  • Silverclutch Games 2015

Silverclutch Games

Silverclutch Games is a publisher of original tabletop games that offer fun, challenges and engaging stories for hobbyists and casual games.  They are easy to learn with simple, engaging rules and fast actions.   Its first game, Beneath Nexus,  is an asymmetrical dungeon crawling card game for 3 to 6 players. Heroes combine their unique skills and powers to overcome the trials of The Blight Lord who uses fiendish monsters and dark magic to destroy all who delve Beneath Nexus – a once powerful city with magical powers, now fallen into darkness and forgotten.

Work Undertaken

Over the last  year, we’ve taken the lessons we learned from various mentors from the Corzo Center, Drexel, and our personal networks and applied them in the form of an intense hands-on, front line approach to business development.

We’ve talked to hundreds of people in person at game conventions, local events, and conferences about our first product Beneath Nexus, and the reaction has been resoundingly positive over the entire year! The game has changed rapidly with dozens of iterations (mostly within the first 4 months), and we can confidently say that the game has only gotten better since July 2015. Now, the game is finished and preparations are being made to launch it on Kickstarter and to publish it.

Goals and Lessons

Our first year consisted of various steps and lessons. Below are listed the major goals and the lessons learned in achieving them.

  • Incorporate our idea into a small game design business
    • Silverclutch LLC was founded in August 2015 with the help of Frank Taney
      • Incorporating is easy! Maintaining a healthy business is not… We’ve struggled with splitting our focus between product development and marketing. Now that the game is finished, we’re putting much more energy into monetizing the business beyond the game and spreading awareness of our products.
      • Other independent game developers are taking it slow! We’ve made many friends in the industry, and those that have their own small businesses still have day jobs to supplement their dream job. We’re looking into what moves we need to make to become full-time game developers as soon as possible.
  • Refine Beneath Nexus into an engaging, easy to learn card game that can be played within an hour
    • Engaging? Check. Card game? Check.
    • “Easy to learn” is relative to the player, and we’ve found that, in general, players can learn the game within ten minutes as long as there is one person present who is familiar with the game. Also, play time varies from one to two hours based on the number of players and their familiarity with the game. Both of these elements have been constant from the start, so we strove to make the game more engaging so that players are having fun regardless of how long the game takes.
  • Prove demand for light games targeted at hobbyist gamers as well as casual/non-gamers
    • People have been asking where they can get the game since December last year. No, those people aren’t our moms. Older men, young women, younger boys, and middle aged folks of either gender all have asked when they can give us money for Beneath Nexus. We’ve run out of promotional materials at every convention, and the small online community we’ve garnered thus far have all reacted positively to what we’ve shared.

Next Steps

In the short term, we shall be attending two game conventions (June & August 2016) as well as launching a Kickstarter campaign (August/September 2016). The Kickstarter will have a goal of $15,000 for the first production run of 1,000 units. One unit is the full game, Beneath Nexus.

In the long run, we already have three new games in the works as well as ideas for expansions to Beneath Nexus.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQx7rqQhWto