Remark Glass (Rebecca Davies, UArts 2011, BFA, Book Arts Printmaking and Danielle Ruttenberg) produces hand blown recycled dinnerware and home furnishings. The glass pieces are created through a unique process that is rooted in traditional glass blowing and designed to make use of common bottle glass. Each bottle is transformed into a functional piece of glass.

In February 2016, The Hook Journal started as a DIY music magazine to assist getting underground music in Philadelphia, PA heard. Since its inception, the magazine’s main focus has been to be a non-profit organization that harbors a safe space for music.

Produced and choreographed by Meredith Pellon, Site Unseen is a dance-video project with three public performances at three separate Philadelphia sites (Circa Green at 30th Street Station, The Porch at 30th St Station, and South Street near Zagar’s Magic Garden).  Its purpose was to showcase common areas in uncommon ways through dance.

Edison, a new play by Joshua Walker, toured five international cities throughout the summer of 2017 following a University-wide collaboration in March 2017. The play began its life as a small workshop production in a dance studio on the second floor of the Terra building in November 2016.

Funded as a microgrant, the Musical Story Slam was an opportunity for Curtis students to expand their public speaking skills in addition to their creativity as story tellers.  By telling stories about music and tying them into pieces that were performed, students learned how to be  comfortable speaking to an audience and found new and amusing ways to think about music as well as engage audience